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Fields of Broken Dreams - Art

Ray Tapajna main art gallery now at http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com as acrylics, on canvas, framed pictures, prints, on metal or as greeting cards.  Rare sports art collectibles at

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his new Living Healing , Flowers for You and rare Sports Art Collectibles

Soldiers on Patrol - (1949) & rare First Class...
US Postage Stamp with same illustration on the stamp itself - each numbered coded

*Rare Collectible Offer! with free Collectible signed 1939 food ad as shown below.
(Ask about  Ray Tapajna's unique art directly to U.S. Postage Stamps ) Now very rare - Only few available -216-671-6263.  Email arklineart@core.com with questions or bid for more than one selection.  (We can send you a copy of any stamp to review too. ) There are only 20 Soldiers on Patrol First  Class Stamps with the full illustration on the stamp in 2004 and only 20 with first edition new release in 2005. There are only 60 Postcard Stamps with a partial illustration on the stamps of  The Cross 9/11 Tangle of Terror, Locked out Workers Bearing their Cross with the middle portion of the picture with the union number, Graduating Gridders with the John Carroll Tower on the stamp. Graduating Gridders won Scripps-Howard Award in 1953.
All limited edition art prints are signed, dated, numbered with a certificate of authenticity and finished by the artist himself with each piece being One of a Kind as soft sculptered 8x10 fabric art with padded background of main images. Each is $99 each (or 5 for $400) delivered free worldwide with the 1939 Collectible signed food ad and  another surprise bonus piece included.
Pricing with rare Stamps: 
Soldiers on Patrol from 1949 with a very rare First Class Stamp with the full illustration on the stamp included is (Call 800-695-1441 or email arklineart@core.com for pricing details ). ( We include 5 other selections with this offer ) 
For Graduating Gridders and Stamp the price is ( Call or email as noted above for pricing details ) with all the added bonuses as noted above. The same applys to Lock Out Workers Bearing their Cross and the Cross 9/11 Tangle of Terror with the very rare stamp included.
Click here for large image- Clinton Yrs won awards
American Dream Reversed as millions lost jobs as statistical prosperity was being reported
Click on picture to go Tapart News and America in Terror essay by Chuck Harder

Locked-out Workers bearing their Cross - One of
Click here to note top worldwide rating out of thousands at worldwide art forum

White House phone no. under Space Available sign -jobs lost to NAFTA & GATT-click newstory about it

Paul McCartney- Let it Be by Ray Tapajna
Free with many offers or $100 contribution to Tapart News & Art that Talks (click here )-

GRADUATING GRIDDERS won 1953 Scripps Howard Award
Rare 1953 artwork is signed by the artist himself from 1953

1939 Memorabilia art- FREE wt other buys
Free wt any buy- Signed by original family owner- note All Steaks 25 cents lb.-click for larger size


__>Click http://www.graphicsforums.com/public/search.asp?query=Ray+Tapajna for worldwide ratings of Ray's Art. Several are in top twenty out of over 1400 works of art. The Clinton Years - The American Dream Reversed has received the second most hits of all and Who Has the Key? The American Worker is Handcuffed is third out of over 1400 sites.

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Ray's Flower for You that Last Forever artwork is available as  metal art, prints, acrylic, on canvas, as framed picture and as greeting cards. Makes a perfect gift that can be cherished for a lifetime.

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